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The evolution of the market has made clear the paradigm change in the way that people consume and the needs that the companies must satisfy. Currently the products and services must be available 24 hours, every day of the year, with a logistics that allows them to be received in the shortest possible time, and in a personalized way with very tight prices. It is in this context of changes and great challenges that Libreinnova appears, a team of professionals in business management and systems, working in different sectors with a global vision of the projects and to be able to face all the analyzes with a wide multidisciplinary approach.

Libreinnova provides a service that we have conceived from the beginning that should be based on breakthrough innovation. This allows entrepreneurs, investors, large, small and medium-sized companies to get a real innovation from the ground up. We seek innovation at all times to achieve greater competitiveness through a process of questioning whether it is being done in the best way and gradually modifying the processes.
In Spain, wealth is originated by small and medium-sized enterprises and we believe that adapting to current challenges will enable this to continue to be so. As a result, Libreinnova is postulated as a firm offering operational, strategic and technological advice to companies in expansion and evolution.

Our service has its own style, we constantly question the way we do things, engaging ourselves with the latest technological advances, with knowledge, with technology, with confidentiality and looking for constant innovation. Only through dynamic qualities can we offer our customers the continued creation of value in an increasingly changing environment.

In Libreinnova we are convinced that the generation of profits and the evolution of companies is to adapt to the present with a competitive mentality, always looking for our innovative skills.


Know us

Iván Prieto libreinnova

Iván Prieto

Degree in Business Administration and MBA from ESADE; And Master in Marketing by EADA and MBA Intensification in International Business by the Université Catholique de Louvain; With great experience in SME management, as well as in multinational companies. He has developed his career as manager and director of functional areas of numerous companies and teams in Spain and Portugal.
Carlos Rodríguez libreinnova

Pablo López

Director at Creativigo Laboratory of Social Innovation (people-oriented) and Founder of agile innovation methodology for service design. Consultant and Trainer Certified in Creative Problem Solving. Compagina this activity in consulting of Innovation with being professor in Universities and Schools of Businesses in areas of organizational innovation and public sector and with wide experience in Procurement and Bidding Projects.
Carlos Rodríguez libreinnova

Carlos Rodríguez

Manager of Librebit. He has been in the technology market for more than 15 years. It manages projects of systems with ease taking the more complicated migrations of Software Privada towards the Free Software. He is a member of "The Document Foundation" and is certified as a professional migrator of LibreOffice. Also active defender of the use of Free Software being a partner of one of the most important associations of users of Galicia, called GALPon.

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