What do we do?

We rely on improve IT systemas and the control of your company. We also implement the strategies in information systems and business procedures.

In Libreinnova we control at all times the evolution of the activities through the use of the most appropriate KPIs. Thus, we detect and correct problems that may arise, even responding to challenges as they arise.
Improvement of company profits
transición al omnicanal libreinnova
Strategic definition of objectives
Digitalización del negocio
Business Digitization
Control de gestión
Management control
Cuadros de mando
Control panels
Mejora de la eficiencia
Improving efficiency
Mejora de equipos de trabajo
Improvement of work teams
Implantación de nuevos proyectos
Implementation of new projects


How do we do it?

We start our support with a study to know your company and your goals

We focus all the efforts and changes in orienting ourselves towards the marked objectives. Once we define the objectives, we propose a strategy that is applied in all the work policies of the corresponding departments. Along with this, its correct compliance is checked to evaluate results.

Process Analysis

We internalize the activity of your company in order to understand its operation and the competitive advantages in your niche.


Metric Definitions

We use the scientific method to define the metrics and KPI. They provide the most information and we limit its range of utility and measurement.


Data collection

We use the metrics defined to calculate the starting point from which we started to work and optimize the activity of your company.


Redesign of processes

We eliminate the inefficiencies, the intermediate stocks and locate those points susceptible of innovation questioning the whole process.

Dashboard design

We establish the chains of command in charge of monitoring and managing the information obtained and can act accordingly.


Start up

We implement the solutions, perform the migration tests and put into production.


Detection of behavioral patterns

We analyze the data, adjust the metrics and observe the patterns to improve forecasts and estimate behavior of the variables.


System retrofit

If necessary, we make the necessary modifications during the development of the processes. Thus, we introduce the improvements and changes benefiting the work strategies.

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